Barrier Breaker #2

The NYCDOE Social Studies and Civics Department collaborated with Good Trouble Comics to create Barrier Breaker #2, published under the Civics for All Comics Group imprint. The Barrier Breaker comic series is part of the Hidden Voices project, and features athletes who were upstanders in United States history by transforming their sports—and America. The people in these pages opened doors and broke barriers! Barrier Breaker #2 is a graphic history based on the life of Helen Stephens. The comic that follows includes fictional characters and semi-fictional settings, along with a great deal of historical facts and details. 

Olympic athletes pledge to “make the world a better place through sport.” Helen Stephens, “The Fulton Flash,” was born in rural Missouri. In 1936—through the power of her will and her body—she ran to make the world better. We invite you to explore her often overlooked story. 

On your mark . . . Get set . . . GO! 

Race alongside Helen Stephens and learn why she is a Barrier Breaker! 

Quality Review Indicators 1.1 Curriculum
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