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"They know us so well": Creating a culturally responsive environment

This video and supporting materials highlight one school’s approach to creating an environment inclusive of and safe for all students. The staff at Flushing International High School work collaboratively to foster agency in their students both in and out of the classroom. The video models one school’s approach and the included supporting materials are designed to encourage schools to engage in conversations about their students and communities.

Included Resources

This self-reflection tool is intended to support teachers in celebrating their growth and continuing to strengthen their practice. This tool can be used by teachers voluntarily as a resource to guide their thinking as they reflect on their instructional practice, including areas of strength, areas for growth, current support, and desired future support.

This series of questions is designed to support viewers of the “They Know us So Well”: Creating a Culturally Responsive Environment video in considering their own practice and reflecting on ways in which they can build relationships to support student growth.

In this video, teachers emphasize the importance of learning about their students and the impact that knowledge has on student engagement, agency and comfort in their school environment.