Teacher development: 30Q150

These resources, developed be PS 150 Queens, were developed and cultivated over the course of multiple years as the school refined their teacher intervisitation process. The resources include tools and templates that the staff use in their intervisitation process, as well as rubrics and guides that inform their inquiry. Educators can use these resources to inform the development of their own teacher intervisitation processes, either as a brand new practice or to build upon existing practices.

Included Resources

This packet, created by PS 150 Queens, contains resources and guidance to support the peer observation process through a low-inference approach. The packet includes a peer observation process map, a "Do's/Dont's" list to taking low-inference notes, debriefing prompts for observations, and a sample teacher evaluation rubric. Educators can use these tools as a starting point for developing a peer intervisitation system.

This document, provided by PS 150 Queens, describes a particular strategy for improving formative assessment in classrooms. The document includes a tutorial for using the Plickers site as an integrated tool in the classroom. Educators can use this resource to think about how to best collect formative data to gain better insight to student understanding and where to focus interventions and scaffolds in lessons.