Teacher development: 29Q095

This collection of resources, developed by PS 95 Eastwood, details how the school has implemented teacher development through inquiry teams. The resources included in this collection introduce the practices that PS 95 uses, explain the impact they have on students and teachers, guide interested educators in the creation of their own teacher inquiry teams, explain the exact processes and values that make up the teacher inquiry process, and identify other resources that educators can use to inform the development or growth of teacher inquiry in their own work.

Included Resources

This collection of resources, developed by PS 95 Eastwood, details how the school has implemented teacher development through inquiry teams. This packet also includes an introduction to core data inquiry groups and teacher observational rounds. Educators can use these tools to build a school culture of shared learning and feedback as well as a strategic process for analyzing student data and guide the identification of next steps for modifying instruction and content.

This packet, created by PS 95 Eastwood, contains tools to use for formative assessment and reflection in mathematics. The packet includes a student-facing math rubric, teacher-facing math rubric, a problem-solving strategies template, and student-friendly word problem steps. Educators can use these resources to provide students and teachers with common language around the best practices of mathematicians. All documents were compiled as "ready-to-use" so that educators can immediately incorporate into their daily work.