Student voter registration day materials

Student Voter Registration Day (SVRD) is a single-day program that educates New York City students about the importance of voting and civic engagement. The program is designed to increase youth voter registration and to get young people excited about being involved in the democratic process. Through interactive discussion, SVRD encourages students to see how issues at the polls affect their everyday lives. The goal of SVRD is to educate and empower students not only about the power of their votes, but also about their ability to take civic action by getting involved in their Community Boards, participatory budgeting, and other community initiatives. We need youth at the forefront of democracy, so that they make a difference on the issues they care about. 

This collection includes a Resource Guide, a link to Translated Registration Forms, and other materials to support the citywide civic engagement initiative. 

Included Resources

Letter from the Chancellor inviting principals to participate in Student Voter Registration Day.

This Student Voter Registration Day (SVRD) Resource Guide is designed to help teachers register students to vote and understand the value of voting and civic engagement through activities and discussion questions.