Student ownership through reflection: 03M250

This collection contains a variety of materials related to the student portfolio process at West Side Collaborative Middle School (WSC). Documents include teacher reflections on the practice, a system diagram illustrating the various components and their relationships to one another, planning support for designing a portfolio system, a sample portfolio-friendly schedule, and key milestones along the journey of developing this process at WSC.

Included Resources

This document is a guide to the key terms, structures, and ideas associated with MS 250's digital portfolio development process. These terms and explanations can help educators understand what's involved in the portfolio development process and can be used in conjunction with the other documents in this collection to create a fuller picture of the process at work.

This document names and describes the various components, systems and structures that contribute to West Side Collaborative Middle School's portfolio system. It shows the relationships of the parts to each other as well as to other features of the instructional landscape at West Side. This diagram can support educators in taking multiple factors into consideration when designing their own portfolio processes.

This Packet, contains examples of West Side Collaborative's portfolio process in practice. It includes examples of student reflection, teacher feedback and a document outlining the beliefs of West Side Collaborative teachers regarding student ownership, reflection and feedback.

This sample schedule illustrates how West Side Collaborative has worked "basecamp" (a designated time to work on portfolios) into their schedule. Educators could use this as a model or a template to guide their own portfolio-friendly schedule designs.

This document outlines the key milestones, decisions and accomplishments over the past 20 years of portfolio work at WSC. It is instructive in helping educators consider the stages of development and the important responses to various conditions that contribute to building and sustaining a student portfolio practice.

Ths document represents the voices of various West Side Collaborative teachers reflecting on the value and purpose of their student portfolio process as well as its impact on students' sense of ownership over their work.

This document outlines five considerations West Side Collaborative Middle School's team recommends educators think about when designing a student portfolio process. Educators could use these What, How, Who, When and Where prompts as a starting point for developing a shared vision for creating a portfolio system.