Student empowerment: 17K532

This collection of resources, developed by New Bridges Elementary, details how the school has created a school culture that ensures all students feel safe, supported, known, and cared for. It includes resources that introduce the practices and structures, as well as a range of curricular materials and classroom strategies that support student empowerment throughout the school community. It also includes self-assessments educators can use to better understand and identify avenues for deepening student empowerment in their own settings.

Included Resources

This packet, created by New Bridges Elementary, contains resources and guidance for classroom and schoolwide strategies to promote student empowerment. The packet includes various tools and systems that New Bridges uses to foster the empowerment of students in their community, in their learning, and as individuals. Additionally, there is a guidance document and section that supports visitors in thinking about considerations for the development of their own schoolwide approach to student empowerment.

This document, created by New Bridges Elementary, outlines the various components of their daily Bright Start meeting, as well as how each component functions and its purpose. Bright Start is the schoolwide community meeting that students at New Bridges Elementary take part in every morning and that helps to establish schoolwide connections while empowering students both individually and collectively.