STEAM: 18K763

This collection of resources, developed by Brooklyn Science and Engineering Academy, lays out the strategies, structures, and resources the school uses to provide students with STEAM education at the middle school level. The collection contains a packet that introduces and describes these practices, as well as materials like schedules, resource lists, and sample units and classroom strategies. The collection also includes a unit-planning template that educators can use in conjunction with the other resources to build out their own interdisciplinary STEAM units.

Included Resources

This resource packet, created by Brooklyn Science and Engineering Academy, contains resources and guidance for classroom and schoolwide approaches to integrating STEAM opportunities for students across classes and throughout the day. The packet includes a document explaining the principal's approach to supporting STEAM; a schedule that details students' STEAM opportunities; a list of partnerships, competitions, and technology they utilize; numerous ideas for inexpensive STEAM projects across content areas; and a sample cross-curricular unit plan. Educators can use these resources to create or develop STEAM opportunities in their own contexts.

Brooklyn Science and Engineering Academy uses this unit template to design cross-curricular STEAM units around a common essential question. The template contains notes about the considerations and steps they take when designing units; educators could use this template to flesh out a unit with STEAM elements in one subject area or across subject areas. Educators can also reference the school's full resource packet for an example of a completed unit.