Social-emotional learning: 06M314

This collection of resources, created by The Muscota New School, lays out the schools structures and practices for attending to the social-emotional needs of students and the school community both inside and out of the classroom. Educators can use these resources to build these structures and practices in their own work in order to better meet students' social-emotional needs.

Included Resources

This packet, designed by The Muscota New School, contains resources and structures to support educators in the incorporation and prioritization of student's social-emotional development within the classroom. The packet includes tools and guiding documents for Muscota's various structures that support the social-emotional development of their students, such as Morning Meeting, Positive Teacher Language, and The Responsive Classroom Approach. Educators can use these materials to build or enhance the social-emotional focus and support in their own schools and classrooms.

This article, adapted from the book The Power of Our Words and used by the staff at Muscota New School, can be used to orient educators to the concept of positive teacher language. It will support educators in understanding the power of their words, as well as the "3 R's" (Reinforcing Language, Reminding Language, and Redirecting Language) of positive teacher language.

Educational Use: