Planning Calendar Events

This collection includes sample resources, staff reflections, and key learnings associated with College Application Week, Financial Aid Awareness Month, Career Exploration Month, SAT School Day, and Decision Day.

Included Resources

This event agenda from Liberations High School shares critical information with parents to help them understand the intricacies of FAFSA and finances for college.

This schedule from The Institute for Health Professionals can be used to help the students and staff understand the flow of career day.

The Explorations Academy February 2018 College Week Schedule (focused on Career Exploration Month) provides an example of the team's change project in Year 2 which was a series of college weeks that provide a space for college & career conversations to happen in all grades levels during class time.

This synthesis report documents the team's learnings on increasing awareness of college and career readiness through the College and Career Planning Events at the High School of Violin and Dance and enhancing the Passport Portfolio experience.

The Brooklyn Democracy Academy synthesis report provides an overview of the team's change project about implementing a Postsecondary Planning Events and what they will adapt for their work in Year 2.

This synthesis report from The Bronx High School for Visual Arts describes the practices that were used to cement practices in postsecondary knowledge and exposure to be able to plan events around the College and Career Planning Calendar.