Art integration through self-portraiture: 02M126

This collection of resources from PS 126 lays out how educators can use self-portraiture to integrate art into units of study in order to build community and maximize transference of skills and/or content (such as reading, writing, or social studies).

Included Resources

In this document, PS 126 gives an overview of Art Integration, including their beliefs, their definition of this work, and its impact on students and teachers. Educators who are considering this practice could consult or share this overview.

This document, from PS 126, illustrates the steps to creating a "Face Your Fear" self-portrait. Educators could use this document to guide students through the creation of their own self-portraits.

This packet is a sample "Face Your Fear" self-portrait. This document shows the sample work as well as the steps the student took to complete her work. Educators could use this as a model for what a similar self-portrait activity could look like in their own practice.

This is a sample Self-portrait Assessment Packet. This document shows the student's work, a sample assessment of that work, and a blank template. Educators could use this packet as a model for how to assess academic skills in self-portraiture.

This document is a completed self-portrait lesson template that illustrates the elements that are a part of an art inegrated lesson plan. Educators could use it as a model for creating their own art integrated lesson plans.

These images are student work products of an integrated art lesson plan; they illustrate how students internalize their learning. Educators can use this a model for how to meld art and literacy skills.

This document is a curriculum overview of art integration in the third grade at PS 126. It captures the connection between text, content area, and skills that are taught and reinforced through art integration units. Educators could use it as a model for their own curriculum mapping or to clarify how art integration can support skills transference.

This document is a blank self-portrait web template that educators can use to brainstorm ideas when developing their own art integrated unit.