Pre-k: Reggio Emilia: 08X069

These resources, developed by PS 69 Journey Prep, lay out the school's Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to early childhood education. The resources include tools and guides like a high-level overview of the Reggio Emilia approach, annotated case examples of Reggio-inspired studies conducted in grades pre-k-5, and a list of professional books the staff at Journey Prep have used to guide their professional growth in this practice. Educators can use these resources to guide or inform their own development of early childhood practices in the Reggio Emilia style, either as the establishment of a new practice or as a way to build upon and strengthen their existing practices.

Included Resources

This packet, curated by Journey Prep, contains resources that could support a school in introducing and digging deeper into the Reggio Emilia Approach to Education. The packet includes a presentation that could be used to introduce staff or parents to the philosophy behind the approach, an article that outlines the basic principles of the approach, and a suggested book list that could be used to deepen one's understanding.

This packet, created by PS 69 Journey Prep, offers a detailed sampling of explorations conducted in pre-K-5 classes. For each grade, there is a description of how the projects were initiated and photos and commentary on key milestones of the study as it developed over time. Educators can use this to inform or guide the development of their own explorations.