New Move-to-Improve video collection

This collection has new Move-to-Improve videos created just in time for the 2019-20 school year. Like the Move-to-Improve video collection, these videos are a visual tour of the DOE's Office of School Wellness Programs elementary classroom-based physical activity program, Move-to-Improve. Continue to use both collections to provide your school community with instructional tutorials that demonstrate high-quality program implementation. 

Please note, videos in this collection cannot be download.  Please access by clicking on video titles below. 

Included Resources

Hear what NYC students have to say about the benefits of using physical activity and the Move-to-Improve program in their schools.

This video is for educators and teachers to explore different ways to implement the Move-to-Improve program into existing physical education instruction to enhance student learning.

Slower movements, simple stretches, and calm, mindful breathing can make it easier to transition students from high energy activities back to the focused mindset which is necessary to move on with daily lessons. Teachers can use this video to learn how to implement breathing techniques into their classrooms. 

Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classroom teachers, Ms.Stanziale and Ms.Gambino, use Move-To-Improve physical activities to modify True or False with “Fact or Opinion”. Lead this easily modified activity so students can demonstrate aerobic fitness and muscular fitness concepts to respond to content-specific true or false statements.

Students in a third grade Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) class are lead through a focused breathing technique before the class paces themselves through aerobic movements while reinforcing academic concepts in this Move-to-Improve partner-style activity.

A first grade class practices identifying commonalities and differences during an ELA lesson with the Common Thread activity.

Classroom teacher, Mr.Tupa, engages his third grade students by combining imagination, literacy, and physical activity, while exploring social studies concepts seen in nature.

Classroom teacher, Ms.Diaz, uses Freeze and Groove with her Kindergarten dual language class to identify verbs through creative movement and physical literacy.

A dual language fourth grade class practices identifying commonality through observations and adding movement to Venn Diagrams with the Common Thread activity.

A kindergarten and 1st grade Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classroom shares facts in non-fiction text through partner work and aerobic fitness using the Pace Yourself activity.

Guided by the Choose to Move poster, this Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) third grade class adds physical activity to review math multiple choice answers with Movement Memory.

Classroom teacher, Ms. Ayala, energizes her fifth grade class in this demonstration video with physical activity as a means to review editing for capitalization with the Listen Up activity.

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