Middle school literacy (MSQI): 05M670

These resources, developed by Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change, lay out the Middle School Quality Initiative's Framework and the research-based practices that are used to promote literacy in the middle grades. These resources detail the implementation of the Word Generation curriculum, provide strategies for making students' thinking visible, and give guidance on conducting inquiry into student literacy work. Educators can use these resources to build these and other related literacy practices into their own work or to deepen the work they are already doing around middle school literacy.

Included Resources

This inquiry packet, created by Thurgood Marshall Academy, is a resource guide for examining and assessing student work. The packet includes an overview page for how to conduct inquiry work, a vocabulary rubric, a sample data analysis form, and student work. ​​​​​​Educators can use these resources to build or expand their own inquiry and literacy practices.

This resource, published by the Strategic Education Research Partnership, provides an overview of the Word Generation vocabulary program. It also provides a list of 12 common misconceptions about vocabulary instruction in middle schools provides evidence that dispels those commonly held myths.