Making thinking visible: 07X359

These resurces, developed by Concourse Village Elementary School, demonstrate the strategies and tools the school uses to help students make their thinking visible. These tools and strategies promote student metacognition and drive improvement in student outcomes. This collection includes a packet of resources that detail the tools and strategies that CVES uses and link to a video that allows educators to see how the practice lives in the school. The video also comes with a set of accompanying resources that can be used for a professional learning activity designed to dive into the content of the video and begin the process of reflection and planning to implement some of the strategies shown.

Included Resources

This packet, created by Concourse Village Elementary School, contains resources and guidance for classroom and schoolwide strategies for making student thinking visible. The packet includes the full five-step process map for their schoolwide shared reading practice, as well as anchor charts for classroom strategies that the school uses in reading and math. Educators can use these strategies and tools to build both classroom and schoolwide practices that support students’ critical thinking and metacognitive skills. The packet also contains a link to a video that documents Concourse Village's making thinking visible practices, as well as a professional learning activity that teams can engage in to deepen understanding of the practice and consider how they can build or incorporate those practices in their own work.

Educational Use: