Literacy center activities for early readers

From 2014 to 2015, a team of researchers at Florida Center for Reading Research collected ideas and created the VPK Learning Center Activities for use in preschool classrooms. Below, find some recommended activities on the following topics: alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, and language and vocabulary.  

For insights on differentiated instruction and how to use the Learning Center materials, read the Teacher Resource Guide  and watch the four training videos. To view the complete list of preschool learning center activities, click here.  

All Florida Center resources are freely available for teachers to download and use in their classrooms. 

Please note that the files in this collection can not be downloaded from WeTeachNYC because they link out to an external site.

Included Resources

This document shares an overview of the WeTeachNYC collection of literacy center activities for early readers from the Florida Center for Reading Research.

Foundational Skills Phonics and Word RecognitionFoundational Skills Phonological AwarenessFoundational Skills Print Concepts
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