LGBTQ: Affirming student identities: 02M580

This collection of resources from Richard R Green High School of Teaching lays out the many structures and practices the school uses to affirm the identities of all its students. These resources can be used to introduce and develop familiarity with common LGBTQ vocabulary and student experiences. This collection also contains a summary one-pager of many relevant laws and regulations relating to LGBTQ students. Taken together, these resources provide educators with the introductory tools, knowledge, and models of practice to begin the development of student affirmational structures in their own work.

Included Resources

This vocabulary glossary, developed at Richard R Green High School of Teaching, provides definitions of some of the most common terms relating to the LGBTQ community. It can be used to help educators learn about and become familiar with the relevant vocabulary by matching terms with their definitions.

This activity, developed by staff and a student at Richard R Green High School of Teaching, lays out three hypothetical but common scenarios relating to LGBTQ students. Educators can use this activity to consider and reflect upon how they would respond to and support the needs of LGBTQ students through the lens of these scenarios.

This packet lays out the many components of how Richard R Green High School of Teaching supports and affirms the identities of all students. Educators can use this packet to identify, plan out, and connect their own next steps or goals around affirming student identities, using Richard R Green's practices as a model or guide if desired.

This document, developed by Richard R Green High School of Teaching, lays out with succinct summaries the many structures, tools, classes, and activities used by the school to support and affirm student identities of all kinds. It also includes a list of independent organizations that support LGBTQ students in a number of ways and a variety of resources for incorporating and affirming LGBTQ identities in curricula and lessons.

This document, originally developed by the NYC DOE LGBTQ Office and altered slightly by Richard R Green High School of Teaching, lays out relevant federal and state laws and DOE Chancellor's Regulations regarding student identities and the treatment of students in schools. It provides the name of each regulation along with a brief summary and how its implementation can support or affect students.