Hochman writing program: 31R440

These resources, developed and curated by New Dorp High School, detail how the school uses the Hochman Writing program to support and improve their students’ writing skills across content areas. The collection includes a range of resources that New Dorp employs in its use of the Hochman program. This approach helps students to become self-confident, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners.

Included Resources

This packet, developed by New Dorp High School, brings together a range of sample activites that the school employs to deliver the Hochman Writing method across subjects in both English and Spanish. These samples can support educators in incorporating Hochman methods into their own teaching or work in order to build students' confidence and skill in writing.

This article, published in the Atlantic in 2012, describes the substantial shift in writing practices and outcomes at New Dorp High School using the Hochman Writing method. The article describes how the school went about employing the Hochman method and the impact that the change has had on their students, as well as the context and process by which Judith Hochman developed the method. This article lays out both the value and the history of the Hochman method for interested educators.

This article, by Judith Hochman and Betsy Macdermott-Duffy, provides research and exposition for the Hochman Writing method. It lays out the impetus for changes in writing instruction, how writing instruction can align to the Common Core, and then both core tenets and sample techniques of the Hochman method.

This piece briefly tells the story of how South Richmond High School has developed the Hochman Writing method throughout their school by engaging in ongoing, sustained professional development through Showcase visits to New Dorp High School. The story lays out how South Richmond has sent numerous staff to visit New Dorp's Showcase visits, which focus on the Hochman method, in order to develop buy in and skill among staff around the method.