High school math: 13K483

This collection of resources, developed by The Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice, lays out the schools approach to high school math that prepares students for college and careers. The collection includes resources includes introductions to their approach and structures, including their guiding principles and schedule, as well as materials that dive more deeply into specific components of their practice. The collection also includes sample units and classroom strategies that can guide educators in developing these practices in their own work.

Included Resources

This packet, developed by staff at Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice, contains resources and guidance for inquiry-based learning in high school math and the teacher development structures that have been built to support instruction and student achievement. The packet includes the math instructional guide, a sample course description for Algebra, and a unit calendar. It also includes a sample curriculum map, lesson plan, student math task, and math team agenda on cognitive demand. Educators can use these tools and strategies to build a structure for teacher development that is collaborative with a focus on improving the level of cognitive thinking, differentiation, and discourse in instruction. Educators can also use the templates and examples provided to assess the level of cognitive demand in their math instruction.

These documents, provided by the Urban Assembly School for Law & Justice, contain examples for deepening understanding of high-cognitive versus low-cognitive demand. The documents include four different student tasks, requiring different levels and types of cognitive demand. It also categorizes types of student work such as "memorization" or "procedure with connections" as either low-level or high-level demand. Educators can use these tools to better determine what level of demand their students are actually being asked to tackle. This will support educators in collecting more accurate data on student ability and mastery of concepts.

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