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High School (9-12) Civics Week 2020 Resources

Please find resources for High Schools to use during Civics Week 2020 in this WeTeach collection.

Included Resources

This overview guide provides Civics Week pick up instructions and detailed information about materials delivered to High schools during the month of February in preparation for Civics Week March 2-6th.

The High School (9-12) Civics Week 2020 Logistics Guide includes detailed information on planning and preparing for Civics Week, voter registration, suggested Civics Week activities, and a suggested planning calendar.

The 2020 Voter Guide: By Students For Students was developed by New York City high school juniors and seniors to answer student questions about how to register to vote and the process of voting.

Teaching the foundations of American government and the democratic process is necessary in order to build a more engaged, active future citizen and informed voter. As part of the Civics for All initiative, this guide provides avenues for all NYCDOE high school students to become further civically engaged in their communities. Some of the included a...