Family-U Middle School Curriculum

The Family-U curriculum is a series of 8 modules to support families in understanding college awareness. This curriculum is meant to help families build skills in supporting their children prepare for college starting in middle school. These modules can be facilitated in a sequence or use specific modules to meet your community needs. 

Included Resources

This session focused on how to create and/or expand the college-going culture in middle schools through the implementation of an early college awareness program. 

This is an introduction to the College Access for All- Middle School Family-U Curriculum. You will find a list of all modules available in this curriculum, as well as a short description for each module.

In this lesson, families will identify the various benefits that are gained from attending college including the health, financial, social, and career readiness experiences higher education provides.

In this lesson, families will identify their learning styles and explore colleges and majors that match their academic needs.

This lesson is meant to support families in identifying their own and their children’s communication styles.

In this lesson, families will engage in a game show to help them identify the criteria that is most important to them when finding a right fit college.

In this lesson, families will learn about the similarities between college campuses and the differences between institutions to help them in their search for colleges.

This guide will help families learn how to navigate college websites and college search engines to further support them in their college search process. This should be used with Module 5: Exploring Diverse Colleges as a Family. 

In this lesson, families will create “Career Trees” and research the various positions available in a career field, the requirements needed for those careers, and the responsibilities that are entailed within those careers.

In this lesson, families will engage in diverse activities that will support their understanding in the various transitions students will experience when they go through middle school, high school, and college.

This tool is meant to help families map out the activities their children can do in middle school that can impact their experiences in high school and in college. This can be used with module 7: transitioning from middle school.

This lesson is meant to help families know that college is also for them! Families will identify their career interests and connect to resources to help them further advance their education.

This presentation is meant to provide the various resources families can access to advance their education. This can be used with module 8: Can I go back to school too?