Elementary math: 01M063

This collection, developed by STAR Academy PS 63, lays out the practices and tools they use to help students and staff think like mathetmaticians. This includes a continuum of mathematical understanding and an asset-based approach to analyzing student work. These resoures will help educators to better understand the school's approach to mathematics instruction and assessment and proivde tools and strategies to build these practices within classrooms and throughout an entire school.

Included Resources

This packet, developed by STAR Academy PS 63, contains a variety of resources that inform how the school helps students and teachers think like mathematicians. These resources include student work samples and a worksheet for analyzing student work from an asset-based perspective, an annotated list of professional texts that inform this work, numerous explanatory and sample documents about the framework the school uses, and a brief story of the journey that school has taken in reaching the current state of their practice. Educators can use these resources to learn about how to strengthen students' conceptual understanding in math and to adopt or adapt tools that support this practice.

This checklist is utilized by teachers at STAR Academy PS 63 to remind students of the habits of mind that good problem solvers tend to follow as they work on math problems. Teachers appreciate the familiarity that results from having a consistent set of reminders for students across the school. At the same time, teachers have license to diverge from these reminders when it makes sense to do so in order to ensure that the priority is on students thinking like mathematicians.