Debate and evidence-based discourse: 14K050

This collection, developed by the staff at J.H.S 50 John D. Wells, brings together the various resources and strategies that school uses to promote debate. It includes guidance around starting debate teams, creating a public forum debate, as well as research on the benefits of debate in urban education. 

Included Resources

This packet, created by M.S. 50, contains information on how debate culture lives at M.S. 50, and how it supports student learning. It includes a guide for starting a competitive debate team, as well as a guide to public forum debate.

This article discusses the benefits of debate in urban education. It particularly highlights the benefits of debate for low-income students of color through the New York City Urban Debate League (NYUDL), in that debate teaches them to "think, communicate, collaborate, and love learning." The author is continuing to study the impact of debate of expanding debate from high school to middle school students with the NYC DOE Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) program.