Culturally responsive pedagogy: 17K484

This collection, developed by MS 484 Ronald Edmonds Learning Center II, contains resources that lay out the school's approach to delivering culturally responsive education for all of their students. These resoures include an introductory article from the Equity Alliance about what culturally responsive education is and how it works, as well as a number of planning tools that the school uses when designing their own culturally responsive instruction. Educators can use these resources to consider how to design or improve their own culturally responsive instruction.

Included Resources

This packet, created by MS 484 The Ronald Edmonds Learning Center II, contains resources and guidance for bringing Culturally Responsive Education (CRE) into the classroom. The packet includes an article defining the key terms and ideas of CRE, schoolwide practices that support CRE across the school, a checklist for lesson plan development, and a list of resources that the school has used in its work around CRE. 

This article, published by the Equity Alliance, articulates the ideas behind Culturally Responsive Teaching, defines key terms related to Culturally Responsive Teaching, identifies key features, and argues for Culturally Responsive Teaching to be the norm. Educators can use this resource to understand what Culturally Responsive Teaching is (and what it is not), reflect on and examine their own teaching practice, and consider implementing Culturally Responsive Behavior Management Systems in addition to Culturally Responsive Teaching.