Cultivation and the classroom: 21K216

This collection contains resources shared at P.S. 216's Showcase Visits (Cultivation and the Classroom) in the 2016-2017 school year.  Includes resources are intended to help educators utilize cooking and gardening to provide hands-on classroom learning.

Included Resources

This packet, developed by P.S. 216 and their community partner Edible Schoolyard NYC, contains comprehensive information for educators seeking to incorporate cooking and gardening in their classrooms. It includes a starter kit for starting a classroom or school garden, sample garden and kitchen curricula, and ideas for garnering community support.

This document, developed by Edible Schoolyard NYC and P.S. 216 provides sample tasks to be used for cooking with 1st-5th graders. Educators can laminate cards and use with their own students.

This document provides a description of Edible Schoolyard NYC, a community partner through which P.S. 216 has created a school garden, and provides kitchen and garden classes to its students. Interested educators can seek out similar partnerships for their school communities.