Community school practices: 27Q065

This collection of resources, from PS 65 The Raymond York Elementary School in Queens, lays out how the school develops partnerships with various community organizations in order to provide a range of services and supports for their students and families. The resources include a map of the school's 5-step process for developing and sustaining partnerships as well as informational guides about their many partners. The collection also includes a packet of templates and examples that interested educators can use to inform and guide their own efforts to develop community partnerships.

Included Resources

The 5 Steps for Developing Strong Community Partnerships document was created to illustrate the various steps taken to create mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships between a school and community organizations. This document is meant to serve as a guide to educators who are interested in developing community partnerships of their own, based on the experiences and learning of PS 65 The Raymond York Elementary School.

The 5 Steps for Developing Strong Community Parternships Templates and Examples packet was compiled to provide samples of the various tools and templates that PS 65 uses during each of their five steps for developing and sustaining community partnerships. Interested educators can use these resources as guides and tools in developing and sustaining their own mutually beneficial community partnerships.

The Programs and Services document was compiled by the school team at PS 65 to highlight all of the various partnerships that exist in the school and to show the various needs they fulfill for the students and community. PS 65 shares this documents with staff, as well as parents and prospective parents. Interested educators can use this document as a model for building their Partnership Plan, and as a model for how they can communicate information about these parterships to their community.

This document provides contact and program information for the some of the community organizations that partner with PS 65 The Raymond York Elementary School in Queens. This resource can provide a quick snapshot of some of the services that PS 65 provides its students and families through partnerships, and interested educators can use this as a sample menu of possible partnerships they can develop in their own work.