Community, culture, and wellness: 14K196

This collection of resources, developed by the staff at PS 196 and several of their partners, lays out the many practices used at the school to promote a positive culture of wellness for students, staff, and the broader school community. These resources provide interested educators with samples and tools they can use in their own work, as well as introductions and connections to further resources they can use to inform their next steps.

Included Resources

This one pager, developed by P.S. 196, provides an overview of the school and highlights some of their academic and enrichment programs, extended learning opportunities, health and wellness practices, and family support and engagement. The document contains hyperlinks to many of the resources, allowing educators to use this as a launch pad to access a variety of resources in different areas.

This resource, developed by P.S. 196, lays out a few different stress busting exercises and routines for both students and educators. Included in this resource are recipes for stress balls and mind jars, as well as breathing and stretching exercises that range anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes.

This packet, developed by P.S. 196, includes the school's attendance, leadership, math, reading, and writing goal setting templates for grades preK-5. At P.S. 196, goal setting is a collaborative practice where students and teachers work together to create student-specific, achievable goals. This process provides an opportunity to empower students, allows them to take ownership, and celebrate when they have achieved their goals.

This guide, developed by P.S. 196, documents one of their schoolwide wellness routines. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to lead both students and adults through a series of breathing and stretching exercises. Interested educators can use this guide both for their own personal use and to support students and adults with whom they work.

This resource provides 50 different ideas for how to rest, relax, and re-energize. It has been used and shared often at P.S. 196, although the original creator is unknown.

This one pager, developed by P.S. 196, provides an overview of what the CookShop Classroom for Elementary Schools program looks like at P.S. 196. CookShop is a program funded by the Food Bank of New York City and provided the information included in this document. Educators can use this as an introduction to what CookShop provides and does, and the document contains a link to the CookShop page where they can find more information.

This one pager was developed by P.S. 196 in collaboration with the Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU Healthcare. It provides an overview of and the history behind the Family Heath Challenge in New York City schools.

This parent brochure, developed collaboratively by The Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center, CIR Policy and Education Initiative, and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, provides an overview of the eight lessons included in the Family Heath Challenge program. Educators can use this as a stepping stone to think about what health and wellness lessons they can lead with their own students and communities.

This packet, developed by the Leader in Me program, provides an overview of the program and its impact on students. Interested educators can use this resource to learn more about the Leader in Me program, a schoolwide model that teaches students 21st-century leadership and life skills.

This one pager, developed by P.S. 196, provides some tips for smoothie making and five quick and healthy recipes. Educators can use this in their own lives and share it with their students and colleagues to help promote a healthy diet.