Community building through art: 22K217

This collection of materials provides a rationale for the priority that PS 217 gives to arts programing as part of its school design. The arts at PS 217 created a platform for building community, developing language and forstering creative and critical thinking. The collection also includes materials that can be used to help educators envision their own opportunities to use arts education to strengthen community and deepen learning.

Included Resources

This one-pager outlines the four major initiatives that shape the arts programing landscape at PS 217. This can be used by educators as a reference when designing or reflecting on the balance of programing components at their own schools.

This article, written by NYC Schools Chancellor, Carmen Fariña, outlines the policy initiatives supporting arts education in NYC public schools and explains why arts education is important to the comprehensive development of students. Educators can use this article to understand the broader policy landscape and the Chancellor's priorities related t...

This set of cards accompanies the article 10 Lessons the Arts Teach by Elliot Eisner. The 10 lesson cards can be used by educators as part of an activity to imagine the places where they are currently achieving the benefits named in this article and where they could strengthen some of these benefits.