Collaborative structures: 28Q167

This collection of resources, created by Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School, lays out the many forms of collaboration and the structures that support them that the school uses. The collection includes a packet of resources that introduce the practices and provides guidance on how to build, support, and sustain them, as well as an inventory of collaborative structures that can be used as a quick reference for educators in developing their own collaborative structures.

Included Resources

This packet, created by Metropolitan Learning Expeditionary School (MELS), contains resources focused on collaborative structures that support building and maintaining a positive school culture. The packet includes an inventory of collaborative structures, schoolwide examples of core values and habits of work and learning, and additional documents outlining collaborative structures at MELS. Educators can reference these resources when examining their own practices that support a nurturing environment for staff and students.

This document, adapted by MELS (from Kruse, S. Seashore Louis, K., and Byrk, A. “Building Professional Community in Schools,"), is a tool that educators can use to reflect on the state of the collaborative structures in their own settings and to set goals for areas they wish to develop.