The resources in this collection support teachers and students of Regents Chemistry classes and include interactives, tasks, videos and lessons. The instructional materials (at the bottom of the page) address general topics in chemistry and are not specifically linked to one unit of the Scope and Sequence.  For resources on a specific topic, explore the subcollections listed first. These collections are being updated periodically. 

Please note that the files in this collection can not be downloaded from WeTeachNYC because they link out to an external site.

Included Resources

This collection of resources is designed to support the nuclear chemistry unit of the Regents chemistry course. Resources include interactives, videos, lessons, and other activities for the classroom.

These materials support teachers and students preparing for the Chemistry Regents exam.

This collection shares links to video series about topics in chemistry. They may be especially useful to teachers and students to review concepts, and for teachers who flip their classes. 

Using primary sources with your chemistry students familiarizes them with the kind of thinking and writing that are central to chemistry and demonstrates real-world connections to the content being taught in class. This guide shares strategies to help your students get the most out of reading science texts and tips on where to find high quality articles. 

This Physical Setting/Chemistry core curriculum is provided by the New York State Education Department.