American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Heritage Month

November is a time to celebrate the diverse cultures, traditions and histories of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. Included in this collection find lesson plans, videos, articles and primary sources designed to enrich our current understandings of the challenges and contributions of Native people, historically up through the present day. Many of these resources represent Native perspectives. Also included find tools to help teachers discern whether a resource about Native Americans is authentic and appropriate to share with students. These materials, and discussions about Native Americans, can be incorporated into your lessons throughout the year. 

Please note that the files in this collection cannot be downloaded from WeTeachNYC because they link out to an external site.


Included Resources

The National Museum of the American Indian shares information about the innovations and contributions of American Indians and ideas for how to celebrate Thanksgiving that honor the culture of Native peoples. These lesson ideas provide a deeper understanding of the the first Thanksgiving and offer opportunities for image analysis and whole class discussion for students to challenge and revise their own understanding of Thanksgiving. 

This document provides an overview of some of the resources featured in WeTeachNYC's American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Heritage Month collection.

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