Academic and personal behaviors: Research and articles

Here is some of the research that demonstrates the links between mindsets, academic and personal behaviors and college/career readiness.

Included Resources

These are excerpts from a seminal literature review by the UChicago Consortium on School Research which shows that academic mindsets and behaviors, so-called "noncognitive factors," have the most immediate effect on students’ course grades.While some students are more likely to persist in tasks or exhibit self-discipline than others, research shows student mindsets and academic behaviors are teachable, and that all students are more likely to demonstrate perseverance if the school or classroom context helps them develop positive mindsets and effective learning strategies.

This groundbreaking study by Carol Dweck and Claudia Mueller shows that the way students are praised for achievement is profoundly impactful on their behavior and motivation. The study demonstrates that praise for effort is highly beneficial for students and that praise for intelligence, contrary to popular belief, can actually be detrimental for students' willingness to embrace learning challenges and resilience in the face of failure.

This article describes some of the psychological interventions that research has shown can positively impact learning mindsets and outcomes for students, and lessen achievement gaps. It highlights the point that these interventions are best as complements to other school reform efforts, rather than replacements for them.