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2017-18 Student Perception Survey

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In December and January of this year, eligible teachers with students in grades 6-12 participated in the Student Perception Survey. In February 2018, teachers received their Student Perception Survey results and access to Playbook, an online professional learning tool. The following resources are available to help you understand how to interpret and use your results.

Included Resources

The purpose of this document is to align the NYCDOE Student Perception Survey (SPS) to the Danielson Framework for Teaching Rubric. The charts in this document detail both topic-level and item-level alignments to the Danielson Framework for Teaching. Each scale is aligned to multiple components within the Framework for Teaching. Each item is also aligned to a primary and secondary component within the Framework for Teaching. Given the high degree of overlap across topics and components, the alignments are meant to be representative but not exhaustive.

Playbook is a dynamic online platform built to empower teachers. NYCDOE teachers participating in the 2017-18 Student Perception Survey will automatically receive access to Playbook through their online reports. This user guide is designed to help teachers navigate to Playbook from their reports, create a profile to find relevant moves, explore and add moves to My Playbook, and to share their best practices with others by submitting their own moves.

This user guide provides school leaders with an overview of the Student Perception Survey Report and includes instructions for how to access and navigate school, district, and citywide results.

This user guide provides teachers with an overview of the Student Perception Survey Report and includes instructions for how to access and navigate their individual results.

This reflection guide is a professional learning tool designed by Panorama Education to help teachers examine the feedback in their Student Perception Survey Report and use the information to set goals and guide practice.

This data protocol is adapted from the NSRF "ATLAS: Looking at Data" protocol to facilitate one-on-one discussions with principals and teachers about their individual Student Perception Survey results.