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WeTeachNYC Classes & Communities provide NYC teachers and school leaders with an online space where they can engage in online classes and blended learning communities with their colleagues. Currently, access to communities is limited to participants in specific NYCDOE programs.

Classes & Communities

WeTeachNYC knows every educator is on their own professional journey, which brings special expertise, as well as unique challenges. That's why WeTeachNYC offers blended learning communities (BLCs).

What Are Blended Learning Communities?

WeTeachNYC blended learning communities combine online communities with in-person professional events to help you work on your goals at your own pace while connecting with peers to learn from each other's experiences.

What Does Blended Learning Mean For Me?

Being a part of a WeTeachNYC BLC means being part of a collaborative community. Your participation, your ideas, and your support are what encourage others to share their own.

In between face-to-face professional learning, receive guidance on implementation: discuss what worked, where you need help, and share and get feedback on classroom instructional resources.

Whether you're just beginning your journey or are an experienced educator, get access to the support and resources you need...including each other. You are the WeTeachNYC Community!

Current WeTeachNYC Communities

Current WeTeachNYC Communities participants

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Currently, access to WeTeachNYC Communities is limited to participants in specific NYCDOE programs. Your program or initiative administrator will notify you about access.  You can also learn more about accessing WeTeachNYC Communities.

Current WeTeachNYC Communities

Advance Leads - Launched

Algebra for All: 5th Grade - Launched

Algebra for All: 6th Grade - Launched

Algebra for All: 7th Grade - Launched

Algebra for All: 8th Grade - Launched

Algebra for All: 8th Grade (Algebra I) - Launched

Algebra for All: 9th Grade - Launched

After School Professional Development Program Education Partners - Launched 

CARP: Facilitators - Launched

CARP: Whole Group - Launched

College Access for All: College and Career Planning Managers - Launched

College Access for All: Third Thursdays - Launched

Continuous Learning: School for Global Leaders - Launched

Division of Teaching & Learning - Launched

Instructional Leads - Launched

Learning Partners Triad 67 - Launched

Learning Partners Triad 343 - Launched

Learning Partners Triad 6 - Launched

Middle School Health Education - Launched

NYC P-TECH Schools College Ready - Launched

NYC Teaching Collaborative Partner Teachers - Launched

Office of Post-Secondary Readiness Career Readiness Fellowship - Launched

Preschool Special Education WSS Training - Launched

Science: Middle School Institute Level 1 - Launched

Science: HS Institute Level 1 - Launched

Science: HS Institute Level 2 - Launched

Science: Organ Donation Pilot Curriculum - Launched

Showcase Fellows - Launched

Showcase Schools: School of the Future Blended Learning Community - Launched

SHSAT-Prep Capacity Building Initiative Community - Launched

Teacher Development and Evaluation Coaches - Launched

Universal Literacy - Launched